A self-taught professional photographer, specialising in landscape and travel photography, currently based in Northern Ireland. 

At the age of 40, I decided to take the chance at turning an impassioned hobby into a way of life. With no formal training, I focused my energies on learning as much as I could and started on my travels to make my day to day life as much of an adventure as I possibly could.

After completing my degree in Product Design in my early 20’s I spent a good few years making a living from Graphic Design and then ventured into the world of Publishing. It was at this point in my career I began to find my interest in photography grew into a serious passion. I published a local entertainment magazine and in the early days, I loved having the opportunity to be behind the camera on a daily basis, helping to bring the publication to life with a variety of images and styles. However, as the business grew and became more successful I became frustrated at having to pay for someone else to cover the role of photographer as I just couldn’t find the time with the growing responsibilities of being the boss.

Finding myself increasingly restless with the business and life, in general, I took time out and found myself in Spain walking the Camino De Santiago. Also known as The Way of St James, I walked over 900 km 32 days. Challenging and a lot of fun but bloody hard going at times, more than worth every ache and blister though. I consider myself a damn lucky sod to have been in the position to be cut off from the usual daily stresses and distractions and really clear my head and get life into perspective. Between that and the major bonus of the amazing people I met along the way, lots of whom are now lifelong friends, it made for one of the best experiences and the most influential in my life to date.

Back home and more restless than ever I made plans to take off on my travels, camera in hand with the aim to capture as many of the world’s most outstanding landscapes that my tight budget would allow (surprising just how far you can get by sleeping in the back of a car and taking luxuries out of the equation). I had cut ties with the magazine at this stage and was more than ready for a new chapter. With my home rented out and all of my worldly possessions in storage, I bade farewell to my family and friends with echoes of “safe travels” and “mid-life crisis” ringing in my ears. Happy to say I don’t regret it for one second and spent an amazing year travelling to New Zealand, Australia, America and Asia and haven’t looked back since.

I’m now focusing on expanding on my experience and knowledge of travel photography (and of course travelling as much as I possibly can) and hoping to inspire and help others along the way by demonstrating that our adventures are out there waiting for us, we just have to go for it.

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